Important Tips on How to Purchase Brazilian Hair Weave

You might want to purchase Brazilian hair weave if your natural hair does not seem to growth quickly into a long, flowing hair that you want. Hair weave or extensions are a solution to people who want to have long hair but for some reasons, growing their hair is not an option. Nevertheless, there are things that you need to know while purchasing your hair weave. Our experts have come up with tips that will make buying hair weave from Brazil easier for you.

Consider the color of the hair that you want to purchase

Virgin Brazilian hair will have the color of the hair of the donor. This can range from black color to brown color. Nevertheless, most hair can have medium brown as well as a lighter color than the color of the designated hair. Another aspect that you need to consider about the color of the hair that you choose to buy is that the color of a Brazilian hair bundle will not be the same. This is due to natural highlights of primary lighter or darker color that may be present in the hair. Additionally, you can find hair strands of grey color in the hair bundles.

Consider texture and grade

Another important test that you should conduct while buying Brazilian hair weave is looking at the texture or grade of the hair weave. Virgin hair from Brazil is not extremely silky or straight. Usually, its texture is coarser. It blends or resembles the colored women’s texture. Hair that has a straight and silky appearance is not a genuine virgin Brazilian hair because it has been subjected to chemical straighter and silicone treatment. You can feel a chemical coating by running fingers over the hair that is not virgin Brazilian hair.

Flame test

It is also important that you get a sample of the hair weave that you want to purchase and perform a flame test. To perform this test, place a small piece of the hair directly above a flame of a candle or even cigarette lighter. If hair is not genuine Brazilian virgin hair, it will be extremely flammable. However, if it is virgin hair it will not be highly flammable. It will produce smoke instead of a huge flame that is produced by synthetic hair.

Wet test

Perhaps, this is the most important test that you should perform while purchasing Brazilian hair weaves. Weaves that are not virgin feels very heavy when wet. However, genuine Brazilian virgin hair weaves retain their natural curl or pattern when wet. This is because placing the hair in water removes dirt and other elements that may have build up on the hair. However, remember that hair that becomes wavy or curly when wet is not necessarily virgin Brazilian hair. There are lines that can make hair wavy or wet but might not be virgin.

Buying a Brazilian hair weave is a great investment. When you purchase Brazilian hair weave with us, you get genuine virgin hair that has a natural luster, shine and texture that will blend perfectly with your natural hair.


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